Petrography and geochemistry of granitoids and related rocks from the pre-Neogene basement of the Slavonia-Srijem Depression (Croatia)

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Sanja Šuica
Vesnica Garašić
Alan B. Woodland


The pre-Neogene basement of the Slavonia-Srijem Depression (eastern Croatia) is composed of various types of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Here we present the petrography and geochemistry of a heterogenous group represented by two types of alkali granite, granite, syenite, rhyolite and orthogneiss. The alkali granite type 1 has an A-type geochemical affinity: a ferroan character, high alkali content, high concentration of rare earth elements (REE3+), Rb, Zr, Nb and Y, and low CaO, MgO, P2O5, Ba, Sr and Eu contents. The syenite has similar characteristics, but displays enrichment in Ba, K, Eu and Zr, which could be a consequence of feldspar and zircon accumulation. The alkali granite type 2 is an A-type granite but differs from the alkali granite type 1 in having lower K2O and Rb, accompanied by higher Na2O and Sr concentrations, possibly resulting from alteration or a different parental magma/evolutionary process. The granite and rhyolite are distinguished from both types of alkali granite by their magnesian character, lower Zr, Nb and Y concentrations, less pronounced Eu negative anomaly, as well as higher Ba, Sr and LREE/HREE. The orthogneiss displays differences in major element chemistry compared to the alkali granite type 1, but has similar trace  element and REE patterns. The alkali granites are characterized by Y/Nb<1.2, indicating an ocean island basalt-like source, while the granite originated from melting of a crustal, probably metasedimentary source. The A-type granites could belong to the Late Cretaceous A-type magmatism of the Sava Zone, while the granite is  significantly different from the Sava Zone A-type granites as well as the other rocks investigated in this study.


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