Linoporella vesiculifera n.sp., A New Calcareous Alga (Dasycladales) from the Upper Barremian of Mt. Biokovo (Karst Dinarides, Croatia)

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Branko Sokač


According to all the main characteristics, the new species belongsto the genus Linoporella. At the species-specific level, Linoporellavesiculifera n.sp. is characterized by visibly widened distal ends ofthe secondary branches, which gives a vesiculiferous appearance tothe outer surface of the thallus. The distal widenings are sphericallyor conically shaped and open outwards in a funnel-like form. A shortreview of the taxonomic validation of some Linoporella species isalso given. The new species is derived from the Barremian deposits ofMt. Biokovo (central Dalmatia, Croatia).


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