Integrated 3D modeling of Quaternary sediments in the Beijing Plain, based on a sequential indicator simulation

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Xiao Ai
Baitao Sun
Xiangzhao Chen


The study of Quaternary sediments has long been a focus for geologists, primarily because they are closely aligned with urban safety assessment, energy exploitation and sustainable development. The Beijing Plain was selected for this study. Using existing drilling data and knowledge of the sedimentary characteristics in this study area, a geological model was developed with Petrel software using the sequential indicator simulation algorithm. The main aims were firstly, to integrate ArcGIS and Petrel with drilling information, a digital elevation model, a stratum sedimentary thickness plan and other multi-platform data on the same platform. Secondly, establish a lithology variogram model and then construct a quaternary lithology model based on the variogram model and finally, use the established lithology model to preliminarily analyze the lateral and vertical distribution rules of Quaternary lithology in the study area. These results provide new methods for the establishment of geologic modeling during the preliminary stages when studying engineering geology. The results will also provide baseline information for later research.


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