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Geologia Croatica is a scientific journal of the Croatian Geological Survey and the Croatian Geological Society. Journal welcomes original scientific papers dealing with diverse aspects of Geology, the history of the Earth, and the physical changes that the Earth has undergone or it undergoing. Papers especially concerning the Pannonian Basin, Dinarides, the Adriatic/Mediterranean region, and/or karst, as well as notes and reviews interesting to a wider audience (e.g. review papers, book reviews, and notes) are welcome.


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Vol 69 (2016): Articles in Press

Table of Contents

Original Scientific Papers

Traces of drilling predation in the Badenian Mollusks from the Rakovica stream (Belgrade, Serbia) PDF
Meri Ganić, Predrag Radović, Ljupko Rundić, Katarina Bradić, Slobodan Knežević
First record of Acanthuridae (surgeonfish) from the Miocene deposits of the Medvednica Mt. PDF
Kristina Tripalo, Sanja Japundžić, Jasenka Sremac, Marija Bošnjak Makovec

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