Origin and Depositional Environments of the Evaporite and Carbonate Complex (Upper Permian) from the Central Part of the Dinarides (Southern Croatia and Western Bosnia)

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Josip Tišljar


The Upper Permian sediments from central part of the Dinarides contain three main facies : 1. - carbonates; 2.- evaporites with early diageneticaldolomites and 3.- clastic rocks (siltstones and sandstones) and one special rock type- carbonate cavity breccias. The carbonate facies include lagoonal and intertidallimestone, evaporite facies contain gypsum (originated by hydration of anhydrites), early-diagenetical dolomites and anhydrites deposited in coastal sabkha environment.The clastic rocks were deposited either fore-shore or playa to saltlakeplaya environments. The carbonate cavity breccias are interpretatedas a terrestrial features, i .e. secondary surface products of physical and chemical weathering oftectonically disrupted carbonate-evaporitesediments. The Upper Permian evaporites and carbonates of the centralDinarides are sediments deposited in evaporitic conditions arround the edges of an epeiric marine basin which existed in conditions of a general regressive tendency and permanent coastal seawards progradation. The Upper Permian evaporites of central Dinarides are comparable with evaporites from the Bellerophon Formation from the Southern Alps, Italy.


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