Petrascula iberica (DRAGASTAN & TRAPPE), Tersella genotii BARATTOLO & BIGOZZI, and the relationships of club-shaped dasycladalean algae during Late Triassic-Early Jurassic times

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Filippo Barattolo
Bruno Granier
Roberta Romano
Bruno Ferré


New observations on abundant material from the type locality of Petrascula iberica (DRAGASTAN & TRAPPE) GRANIER et al. 2003, reveal the presence of a reproductive structure (ampulla) located on the inner-middle part of each primary lateral. This fact suggests a new interpretation of the alga and the establishment of a new genus: Granieria BARATTOLO & ROMANO, n. gen. Also, the taxonomic status of the other club-shaped specimens from both the High and Middle Atlas of Morocco and the Central Apennines of Italy is reviewed.


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