Subsurface stratigraphy and micropaleontology of the Neogene rocks, Nile Delta, Egypt

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Ahmed Aly Ismail
Mohamed Boukhary
Ahmed Ibrahim AbdelNaby


Three wells (Naf-2, Naf-3 and Naf-101), were described and sampled in order to increase understanding of the stratigraphy and micropaleontology of the North Abu Qir Field, Nile Delta, Egypt. Lithostratigraphic studies aided recognition of the following Miocene-Pliocene rock formations (from base to top); Qantara Formation, Sidi Salim Formation, Qawasim Formation, Rosetta Formation, Abu Madi Formation, Kafr El Sheikh Formation, Baltim Formation, Mit Ghamr Formation, and Bilqas Formation. Biostratigraphic studies were based on the distribution of foraminifera through the Miocene-Pliocene succession. The environmental conditions of the Neogene rocks of the studied wells are interpreted using the results of palaeoecological parameters (e.g. the total number of foraminifera (T.N.F) and planktonic/benthonic ratio (P/B).


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