Assessment of aquifer intrinsic vulnerability by the SINTACS method

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Sanja Kapelj
Jelena Loborec
Janislav Kapelj


Application of the SINTACS method for assessment of aquifer intrinsic vulnerability is demonstrated in the catchment areas of Jadro and Žrnovnica springs. Both Jadro and Žrnovnica are the springs of drinking water supplying the population of Split and surrounding settlements. A high-speed economic expansion in the catchment area accompanied with trend of increasing quantity of a number of contaminants in the spring water prompted comprehensive investigations with purpose of finalizing the Water Management Study of the Jadro and Žrnovnica springs. Results of the Study were treated by GIS tools and employed as input data for making the groundwater vulnerability map of the Jadro and Žrnovnica catchment areas. In addition to the standard method of defining the C factor which, in this case, is represented by the values of C(a), a modification is also introduced which takes into account the analysis of the sinkhole density.


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