Geochronology, geochemistry, and tectonic significance of the Shirenshan gneiss in the southern margin of the North China Block

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Jingya Wang
Shenglian Ren
Shuwen Dong
Li Longming
Dazhi Jiang
Yonghong Shi
Jiahao Li
Chuanzhong Song
Xu Han
Zhenqiang Li
Jue Ouyang


The Shirenshan Block is a complex geological body located in the southern margin of the North China Block (NCB). From south to north, it can be divided into the Taihua Group migmatite, and the Shirenshan gneiss and magmatic rocks. The petrographic features, tectonic setting, provenance, and geological age of the Shirenshan gneiss using comprehensive field investigations, microstructural analysis, zircon U-Pb radioactive dating, and geochemical analyses were investigated for this study. The petrology, geochemistry, and geochronology of the Shirenshan gneiss suggests that it is mainly a felsic rock and its protolith was a high-K calc-alkaline series A-type granite. The protolith is high in SiO2, Al2O3, K2O, Na2O, and low in CaO and MgO. Overall, the Sr-Nd isotope composition of the samples showed no significant difference, indicating that the Taihua Group migmatite and the Shirenshan gneiss have the same source material. The Shirenshan block may be partially melted from the Taihua group and formed during activity of the Luo-Luan Fault. By the method of zircon dating analysis, the protolith age of the Shirenshan block was determined as 1559±16Ma (Early Proterozoic). Then, the crystallization age of the syntectonic migmatite is 439.2±7.6Ma, which was formed by subduction of the Taihua Group. During the early Cretaceous (119.5±1.3Ma), the Shirenshan gneiss may have experienced regional migmatization and formed the zircon rims age of the Yanshanian period. Litho-geochemical features of the Shirenshan block are similar to A1-type granites indicating that they are post-orogenic. Therefore, the metamorphic deformation of the Shirenshan gneiss reflects the tectonics in the southern margin of the NCB.


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